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If you have problems, we got SOULUTIONS.

Soulutions Counseling Services exists to provide behavioral health services without barriers to healing and allow everyone to experience success in life.

Individual and Couples Therapy

Group and Family Therapy


Medication Management

Soulutions Counseling Services provides the highest level of care. After a comprehensive mental health evaluation, you can benefit from Group therapy, Couples therapy, Individual therapy, Medication management and Telehealth/Teletherapy.

Soulutions Counseling Services skilled therapy team helps you navigate through past, present, and future obstacles. We use evidence-based treatment modalities that focus on strength-based, solution-focused training and counseling services. Recovery is within reach, and it belongs to you. Get started with the mental health care you need by contacting Soulutions Counseling Services to schedule an appointment.

Black Folk Deserve a Therapy That Liberates…

But, Mental health practitioners have been taught to focus on coping.

Inspiring “Productive Citizens” teaching only skills to navigate oppression.

This practice blames the victim.

This “treatment” teaches assimilation and upholds the colonial reality.

let's upset the status quo

Weekly Coping Skills


Cognitive load is the total amount of mental effort you’re using. Prolonged overload leads to frustration & burnout.
If your mind were a browser: write down the topics on your open tabs.

Which tab(s) can you “close” to ease your cognitive load?